Being someone’s world is exhausting.

There. I said it. I love being the center of my boys world. They light up when they see me. I love hearing things like, “You’re the best mommy I ever had!” or “The best part of my day was playing with you” or “Can I sleep with you all night, mommy?” (The last one sounds cute, but let’s be honest. There may be sleeping going on but I will not be having it with him in the bed!)

Ok. So it had been a long day. This particular day my almost 4 year old son had been very persistently asking me for things. Incessantly asking me to cook things, “help” him, buy him things or DO things for him. Can I be honest? I sighed deeply and asked him, “can you stop asking me for things for one minute?” And he innocently answered, “No.” In his mind why wouldn’t he? I am his world. I do it all for him. I have proven myself time and time again to come through for him (I fail him too, but a child’s gracious love is an amazing thing to behold.)

The thought hit me as I lay in bed that night. It’s exhausting being someone’s world. It got me thinking about my relationship with God. A parent and child relationship should mirror Christ’s love for us. When I bring requests to God I have never heard a thunderous sigh. I have never been told, “Stop asking me for things/help/wisdom! It’s so hard to be your God!” He created me. And yes he is God,

but I can act just like a defiant strong willed child.

Then my mind went back to my own son. It isn’t that I mind doing the things for him. I love it. Making the sandwiches (So. Many. Freaking. Sandwiches. Did I mention he LOVES sandwiches?) I love putting his cute clothes in his dresser. I love packing a snack for him to eat at preschool. I love when he sneaks in bed early in the morning for snuggles and to warm up (Caz you know, in Belize we are freezing when it’s in the 50’s overnight đŸ˜‚) I love when he asks me to watch him play in the sand. I love it. But sometimes when there are so many “Mom, can You…”‘s I just want some time. I just want to spend time WITH him not DOING for him. I wonder if that’s how God feels. Lately the song from Jesus culture has been coming to mind a lot. In the chaos and distractions. In the fast prayers of , “LORD give me strength and patience to survive these kids!” I hear “Come away with me…come away with me. It’s never too late for you.”

Being someone’s world is exhausting. So so true. I have no idea how someone could parent without the Holy Spirit. Without praying. Without taking parenting cues from their own relationship with God. Because I have all that and still think this is hard. So as exhausting as being their world is, it is also a privilege and an honor, and not one I want to take lightly. So he will continue ask me for everything because I am his everything. And that is ok. But instead of being frustrated maybe I should say “Come away with me. Let’s read some books and just BE.”

One thought on “Being someone’s world is exhausting.

  1. I truly appreciate your honesty and the wisdom in your observations. Being someone’s world is hard work and you’re such a great model of how to handle it! Blessings to you!

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