Finding Eternity in the Mundane

It’s been one of those days. And it’s just 8:18am. It’s been one of those weeks actually. Maybe more like a month and a half. I’ve been drowning in mundane and ordinary. I’ve been constantly doing and what I am doing seems unimportant in a lot of ways. It feels repetitive. It feels kind of suffocating. In the last month the number of people in our household went from 5 to 8 and one on the way (not me this time!) There’s been a lot of finding sheets, blankets, clothes that my oldest has outgrown for another, setting aside baby clothes for in a couple months, cooking (so much cooking. Why do we have to eat so many meals?!), unending laundry, listening to my kids and our extras, household renovations (not because we decided to but because situation caused us to have to) and having no sink for over 2 weeks. There’s been a lot.

Often times I feel I’m so busy yet doing nothing. Like I am running myself ragged all day taking care of my own and my extras and then I sit down at the end of the day and have nothing to show. No visible fruits of my labor. And this morning it hit me. Maybe the ordinary and the mundane day to day is the most eternal.

Maybe the things I keep showing up for day in and day out have the most eternal value.

At the end of my day I often see no list perfectly checked off. But you know what I did do this week? I loved my children. The ones I gave birth to and the ones God placed in my life. I listen to people’s stories. I pushed my son on the swing. I cooked for my family and made sure no one was hungry. I cleaned up my son’s cut and gave him a bandaid and magic kisses. I prayed with my son. I’ve breastfed on demand. I sat in the emergency room with our girl and her son. I then came home to take care of my own baby with fever. I read a couple chapters of Peter Pan to my big boy. I made do in some situations that didn’t feel ideal. I’ve driven people to counselling. I’ve gone to the gym (I have a thing for my personal trainer 😉 thankfully I’m married to him!) I held a dance rehearsal. I’ve cleaned. So many time but you can hardly tell. But I cleaned. I’ve grocery shopped. I’ve disciplined.

Stepping back I see how extraordinary the week has been. I can see that what I’m doing now is shaping not only my own children’s future but our extras futures as well. I can see that what I do and say on an ordinary day is what’s molding my family today. I can see that lives are changed not just in the big one time gifts or experiences. Lives are changed in the every day.

In the consistency of your love you are writing history.

So today… let the magnitude of the ordinary sink in. This is eternal. You cannnot see eternity or know the weight of what you are doing in this day and it cannot be measured outside of eternity.

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