There is Power

The other night my son came running into our room crying. This wasn’t a normal cry, this was a terrified cry, almost painful cry. My husband and I sat up and drew him close. When we asked him what was wrong he said he saw eyes. We asked if he had a bad dream and he said, no. He wasn’t dreaming. He was pointing to all the dark corners of the room and said eyes were looking at him. He wasn’t in a dream. I could feel that something was going on spiritually. The same time our baby started crying and I had to go and get him, I brought him back to find my husband helping Jordan pray that in the name of Jesus the eyes would be gone. He repeated after his daddy, “in the name of Jesus.”

The next day he spoke of the eyes and how they were scary but praying made them go away. Fast forward to bedtime. We did our normal routine. Jammies, teeth, a few bible stories, best/worst part of the day then I pray then he prays. It was time to kiss goodnight and he said he didn’t want to go to sleep. He didn’t want those eyes to look at him. I reminded him of the song we sing in church, “There is power in the name of Jesus!” I reminded him that when you pray Jesus listens and will help him. He prayed that he wouldn’t see those eyes again. He fell asleep. I sat up. I prayed fervently for my son. He is so attuned to spiritual things.

He knew I was pregnant before I did. He kept asking where “his baby was”. Before I told him I was expecting he lifted up my shirt while I did the dishes and told me, “the baby knows you love it and loves you!” He randomly speaks of “missing Jesus” and asks questions about God regularly. If he is so spiritually attuned he will surely be a target from a young age.

So there I sat praying prayers I never thought to pray. Prayers for the now and prayers for the future. I asked God to let him see angels. I asked God to speak to him through his dreams. The next morning he was laying next to me (I want him to sleep in his bed all night but these moments are so precious and I know will soon come to a close) And I was watching him wake up. It was early. He was smiling. He opened his eyes and the very first thing out of his mouth was, “I went to church in my dream! I was in Sunday school!” Thank. You. Jesus. !!!!!! That night when we went to bed, we were telling his daddy about his good dream he had. Then he pointed to the ceiling and said, “I saw an angel up there! It looked like a butterfly but it was an angel!”

To think that my (then almost) 4 year old has more faith than most people can summon up in a lifetime astounds me. He has taught me so much about faith and taking God at his word. That is childlike faith. When childlike faith and God’s power meet…look out world.

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